SC MAGIC & BEST AGENCY ,with its headquarters in Busteni (Romania) , through his associates  fulfills  the conditions imposed by the GD no. 277 of March 21, 2002:

  • We are a newly established company which aims to provide specialized services for employment, namely mediation work in conditions of confidentiality and protection of personal data;
  • we have found a young, diverse, dynamic, willing to work with people and for the people and in this regard we have organized the establishment in 2017 of a company that is principally engaged in labor mediation services;
  • we have no tax or legal issues;
  • we are owners of the building for the establishment of labor mediation center;
  • we have got  the material basis for the purposes of specific activities mediation work, according to Romanian legislation or means of evaluation and self-personality; Preliminary testing means / end of the skills; means of identifying candidates skills / people looking for a job; means of recording of the interview Preliminary work and YouTube channel samples; means training techniques and methods of writing a resume, choosing a proper job training and support for an interview; material means of Internet network connection to electronic mediation;  we set up a website dedicated;  We have also secretarial services;
  • we have contacts for assigning / collaboration and we employed / contracted for these specialized staff with experience and skills in the labor psychology labor mediation, pedagogy, law, namely counseling, language skills- English, Nepali according to resume; We have contracts with companies specialized in work psychology and labor mediation, according to resume ; we identify potential collaborations with other experts, including experts from the CEA Prahova which collaborate with IT firm capable of managing electronic mediation activity and update information on the site,  making the stage simulation labor mediation activity; we cooperate with companies providing secretarial services, all in confidentiality and personal data protection
  • We have organized a database containing requests for jobs from employers Romanian and offers from partner agencies in the state of Nepal, White Pearl Recruitment Services (P) Ltd., Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal,  including information on the conditions of their employment and the qualifications and skills of applicants who were registered with them; All conditions to verify the authenticity, confidentiality and personal data protection;

  • We deal / contract type “agreement contract” with an accredited agency mediation and job placement in the State of Nepal identifying labor to employers or individuals from Romania;
  • we ensure the preparation of the European Resume overlapping supply and demand work, preliminary interview, records on the YouTube channel of maximum five minutes and termination of individual employment contracts in Romanian and in English for candidates from Nepal through partner agencies White Pearl Recruitment Services (P) Ltd., Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal,